Quality Parts

Reasonable Prices

Located Right Around the Corner

Nearly 51 Years of Service

Family owned since, Van's Auto Supply has provided Waterford, Michigan and surrounding areas with the best in customer service, auto parts and supplies. In addition to our inventory of foreign and domestic auto parts, we provide:

  • Snow Plow Parts
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Automotive Starter Rebuilds
  • Automotive Generator Rebuilds
  • Automotive Alternator Rebuilds
  • Industrial Starter Rebuilds
  • Industrial Generator Rebuilds
  • Industrial Alternator Rebuilds

Plus, we have a team with 81 years combined experience and sales people who can assist you with just about anything having to do with any type of motorized vehicle. Come on down and see for yourself!


Van's Auto Supply
7575 Highland Rd
Watertown, MI 48327



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